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Come to Sunnmørsalpena, an absolute favorite for ski touring. The nature is unique and the mountains are as if they were shaped for skiing.

The mountains are dissected by fjords everywhere and there is often abundant  snowfalls in the area. On some of the tours we use boat and if we are lucky with the conditions we can ski down to the shoreline. The large Hjørundfjord is surrounded by classic ski-touring summits like Slogen, Skårasalen, Randers, Kålostind. Options include hut-to-hut tours  and also ski-and-sail tours where we have full accommodation on a boat. You can also stay in a chalet and make day-tours.
We adept the tour to your wishes and we can also help you with accommodation. You decide how many days you want to be on tour.


Number of days:

At least 4 days

Day price:

When one person: 3700 kroner
2 people: 4000 kroner
3 people: 4200 kroner
4 persons: 4400 kroner
 5-6 persons: 4800 kroner

What’s included:

Guide, local transport and safety equipment (tranciver, probe and shovel)

Skitouring Slogen
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